Keynote Speakers


The keynote speakers for the The 4th International Conference on Energy Research and Technology (ICERT'20) will be:

Dr. John R. Schramski

Dr. John R. Schramski
University of Georgia, USA
Keynote Speaker

John Schramski is a mechanical engineer and ecologist with 28 years of experience in industry and academia focusing on mechanical design and thermodynamic modeling. He currently leads the University of Georgia’s Energy Systems Modeling program where his funded research includes theoretical ecology, complex systems analysis, and the thermodynamics and energetics of the natural biosphere, civilization, and industry. He completed his BSME at the University of Florida in 1989, his MSME at the University of Cincinnati in 1993 in conjunction with General Electric’s Advanced Courses in Engineering, and his PhD in Ecology at the University of Georgia in 2006. He teaches undergraduate and graduate engineering thermodynamics and biosphere energetics.

Topic of Keynote: Energy, the Great Acceleration, and the Future of Technology.
Keynote Abstract